My post did not get approved!

Reasons why your posts may be declined or deleted.


[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”Please Note”]Please be aware that the tools available to Facebook Groups Admins and Moderators are very basic. This means we cannot quickly note the reason your post won’t be approved so you get a chance to edit it.
We would have to private message every person to let them know why the post was not approved.
As you can imagine, this is not something we are prepared to do. Our staff are here on a voluntary basis and they have enough to deal with already.[/stextbox]


1: Attachment Unavailable – When we were small and didn’t have so many posts to sift through, we would allow the post and then comment below so the poster can fix it. Unfortunately, we can’t always do this so please make sure your content is PUBLIC for your post BEFORE you submit it. (Google how to make a Facebook post public)

2: Inappropriate Content – Content that is pornographic or doesn’t adhere to Facebook’s terms and conditions will be deleted.

3: Unrelated Content – Some content is pretty ‘grey’ and doesn’t really pertain to Fallout, even though you tried hard to make it relate. Try again. 🙂

4: Asking ‘Bad’ Questions – Some questions are better answered by typing them into Google instead of Facebook! Please don’t ask things like ‘Where can I find lots of aluminium/steel/adhesive/etc?’ It just clogs up people’s feed with stuff you could have found in two seconds using a search engine.

5: One Liners – Don’t post things like ‘Ad Victoriam!’ (with no fantastic image for us to appreciate).
Don’t post things like ‘Wassup! Thanks for the add’. We know you are grateful to be here. 🙂

6: Recycled/Old Fallout Memes – This is a bit subjective and dependent on which moderator or admin sees your post submission. Your ‘Patrick Star Trips Grenade Bouquet’ meme may or may not get approved.
Click here for examples of memes that have been shared many, many times in the group.

7: Shares from Unapproved Pages – We prefer people uploading pictures in the group directly, INSTEAD of sharing them from other pages. However, you are allowed to share from these approved sources:

Approved Facebook pages:

Fallout Hub
Fallout & Synths
Fallout: The Chinese Military
Fallout 4 New Vegas
Fallout Cascadia
Fallout New California
Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier

Approved public Facebook groups:

Fallout 4 Modding & Settlement Builds

8: Advertising or Spam – This includes -but is not limited to- promoting your own Facebook Group, Page, or Event. Posts may also be declined if it appears their main purpose is to gain YouTube, Twitch (or other social media) fans or likes. Chances are it might be allowed it if you ask the Overseer for permission first.

9: Very Low Quality Images – Please do not expect to get your post approved with images so awful you can barely make out what they are. Consoles and PCs usually have the ability to take and share screenshots easily. Consider using this feature (if you have it) instead of using the ‘potato’ camera in your decade-old phone. 😛

10: Someone already posted it – Just because you haven’t seen it on your feed yet, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been posted today already. When something is new and popular, we can get many duplicate submissions daily.

11: Asking for Technical Help with vague information –  Failure to give either System Specifications or which Console you’re using etc. Basically, failure to provide the relevant details; because it forces would-be assistants to ask a barrage of tedious questions. Please include any information that would help narrow down any issues.

12: ‘Which Is Best’ Polls –  “Which Fallout is better?” questions/polls will be declined. We’ve had more than enough of those, thanks.
(By the way, the answer is Fallout: New Vegas)